Vol 6(2), 2008


Abhimanyu Kumar and Deepmala Yadav                                                                                                     

 Department of Bal Roga (Ayurvedic Pediatrics) , National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, India


Abstract: Meditation is an old technique for controlling the mind by focusing at particular object, sound or thought.  Although practiced in many culture, the ritual practices of India based on Vedic culture, are much more elaborate.  One of the Mantras that are often used for chanting is the primordial sound of “OM”.  These techniques are known to have calming effect on the mind and helps in reducing stress and enhancing awareness.  In this study we have studied the effect of chanting Om and meditation on the memory and performance of school children.



Pizza Examined Through an Ayurvedic Lens

Kristina Ziegler

University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT


 ABSTRACT: The average American is unaware of the affect of food on health, both on body and mind. Most do not eat a healthy diet even from a conventional standpoint, which does not take into account many permutations of food item consumed.  Ayurveda, the “science of life”, defines food qualities by its affects on the body.  A balance must be found between different food properties to maintain health and prevent disease. This concept is best understood through looking at an example of the commonly consumed diet, pizza, in the US. Thus, pepperoni pizza is broken down and analyzed using Ayurvedic principles in the hope that this will make it easier to understand the Ayurvedic concepts of healthy food and nutrition.  According to Ayurvedic analysis Pizza has predominantly kapha properties. And since kapha foods are considered heavy and are not easily digested, several suggestions of how to alleviate the kapha factor are made, including additives to the pizza.

It is emphasized, however, that these herbs are not sufficient to counteract huge amounts of pizza or if consumed frequently.  Ayurveda Indicates balance in all things.  In this paper I have attempted to summarize the basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition and how they apply on our daily diet.